About Emma a.k.a Schnookey

Hi, my name is Emma. I'm now 12 years old. I'm a black and tan smooth-haired standard dachshund. I was born on August 13, 1999 in Truxton, N.Y. to two wonderful parents named Duce Alley and Baby Ace.  Two months after I was born, I moved to Douglaston, N.Y. about 4 hours away.  I have two Daddies and a brother Nathan.  They have a nickname for me…Schnookey.

Me, Mommy and Daddy

This is my Mommy and Daddy.  Daddy loves to give belly.

I live a very active life.  When I was younger I traveled to Quebec City, Canada (burr, it was cold); Niagara Falls, New York and Boston, Massachusetts.  When I'm not busy traveling, I enjoy lounging at home (on the sofa of course), playing with my toys (the giggly-wiggly is my favorite), and getting treats from my daddies.

Earlier this year (2011) I moved to California with my Daddies and Nathan.  I love it out here.  I have a backyard to run around in and the weather is nicer many more days during the year.  I'm always out back chasing the squirrels and lizards.  My Daddies are happy I haven't caught any!

My favorite uncle's name is Andy.  He calls me the Belly-Fish.  The reason he started calling me that is because, every time he came over I would roll over and show him my belly…I just love having my belly rubbed, don't you?  Uncle Andy takes very good care of me when my daddies aren't home.  We play with my toys, go for walks and he gives me lots of cookies.

I had a few friends in the neighborhood who I would play with.  One of my friends was Maggie who lived next door.  She was a black Scottish Terrier.  She could out run me in the ball field when we would play fetch.  She was such a ball hog.  Sadly though, Maggie passed away a couple of years ago now.

My other friend who lived up the block was Dunhill. He was a 18 year-old tan long-haired miniature dachshund who also passed away.  We called him the grumpy old man because he never wanted to play with me…I guess I had too much energy for him.  Occasionally he would throw a kiss my way (I liked that!!!).